Attitudes and Behaviors for Fire Prevention and Response and Land Management, Including its Collaborative Strand

What the House Refuge project is!

The Project

The large wildfires that have been occurring in Portugal show the need for the population to adopt self-protection measures, since in catastrophic scenarios the civil protection agencies may not be able to deal with all distress situations.

It is irrefutable that the likelihood of a wildfire reaching an infrastructure is drastically reduced through the implementation of good practices of construction and through proper fuel management practices in the environment. However, the knowledge on these matters is not well consolidated and the legal and normative requirements are not always correctly suited to respond to real situations.

In the House-Refuge project we propose to develop scientifically knowledge that allows the general population, professionals in the civil construction and outdoor areas, the legislator and the politicians, among other potential users, to decide on the best construction practices and fuel management policies in the construction surroundings, aiming at the mitigation of the impacts of wildfires on infrastructures.

The concept “House-Refuge”, the ultimate purpose of this project, is an infrastructure with a low risk of wildfire allowing people to confidently take refuge inside during a wildfire event.

Best Practices for Infrastructure Protection
Against Wildfires!

We Want to Deal with Real Situations


Development of a model for defining the proper fuel management strip width according to the local topography and climatology.

Analysis of the efficiency of construction practices against wildfires.

Creation of a user-friendly wildfire risk assessment model based on the characteristics of the building and its surroundings.

Demonstration of the implementation of good practices to mitigate the impacts of wildfires on infrastructures.

Analysis of the potential incorporation of the knowledge produced in national legislation and regulations.

Conception and characterization of “House-Refuge”.


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